Meet Artist Rick Short Artist Rick Short at his canvas

Meet Artist Rick Short

Rick Short is an Illustrator and Software Developer specializing in Fine Art painting, Digital 3D Art and Photography. Rick spent his childhood years teaching himself to paint and create wood frames in his family's tool shed. Rick began drawing when he was 9 years old and started painting when he was 13. His paintings have been shown in galleries in Virginia and Florida and have earned first and second place awards in juried art shows for his paintings and photography.

Rick earned a double major in Marketing and Information Systems from Virginia Commonwealth University's school of business and used his art skills to create fine art paintings for his classes including commission work for some of his college professors. Rick has worked as a Software Developer, Graphic Designer, Instructional Designer and QA Engineer for large fortune 500 companies such as Kemper National Services, Walt Disney World and small web startup companies.

My Story

We all have a story to tell. For me, my story and my life is told sitting at a canvas painting a picture, behind the lens of a camera on a beautiful sunny morning or in my garage cutting out wood characters or building furniture. I thrive in creativity and no doubt, so do all of you, which is what brings us together here on this website gallery. As you look through these paintings, photographs, digital art and sculpture, you are not just looking at a gallery of work but my life and life's work that I am most proud of.

I have always been fascinated with the ability to draw and create artwork since I was a child. I can best be described as a Technical Artist / Illustrator and love to learn new technologies but also love to get out a canvas and paint with oils and acrylics. No matter how exciting technology becomes, there is still something special about painting on a canvas or poster board and being able to create layers of texture with paint and create mood with lighting.

We all tend to paint what fascinates us and for me, the ocean and sea was my first real love. I found a fascination for wildlife, birds and animals as a teenager and enjoy bringing out their personalities and character in a painting just like one would see in a portrait of a person. Having had dogs, cats and birds as pets, you see so much personality and playfullness in them that I want to capture on paper and canvas to show their unique character as I bring them to life on canvas or digitally.